The Atlanta VE Team provides FREE Amateur Radio license testing in the Atlanta area.

Because of the Coronavirus, we must cancel our VE License Exam Sessions. We will assess the situation each month and resume our free license testing as soon as possible.

We try to hold our exam sessions on the second Sunday of each month, usually at DeKalb-Peachtree Airport. Occasionally we may find a reason to use another location, or even another day/time. Please check our Schedule page for our next exam date/time/location.

Also please make sure you read our Rules page which includes our examination rules as well as information on what you need to bring with you.

The National Conference of Volunteer Examinator Coordinators (NCVEC) * develops and maintains the question pools used in the Amateur Radio License exams. Their website contains the definitive copies of the question pools, viewable online and downloadable as Microsoft Word format (.docx) or "Portable Document Format" (.pdf) documents. Their site also includes the entire FCC Part 97 Rules, viewable online.

We, the Atlanta VE Team, are accredited by and affiliated with The Laurel Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Examiner Coordinator * (or just "Laurel VEC"). Their website, in addition to publishing our schedule, contains information on all aspects of amateur radio license exams, including a page of Amateur Radio Links *, complete with links to several Free license exam practice sites.

Also, The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) *, the national association for Amateur Radio, is a great resource. Their site contains information on all aspects of amateur radio in general, including license exam preparation classes, study guides (books), and even free practice exams.